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Luscious Wine

A silken drop nectar refined, Delicious, smooth, it’s taste sublime, Worshipped and revered in times of old, Bacchus it’s God, his hand-maidens bold.

The Romans swilled, the Greeks imbibed, The British drank, the French prescribed. The Church just called it Christ’s own blood, Believers flowed as if by flood.

This luscious liquid as fine as honey, The fountain not of youth but merely money, Small price to pay for so much fun, When it can turn a dowdy day to sun.

Clinking glasses moments shared, The more imbibed the more is bared, Food important or so they claim, When as a smokescreen its main aim.

All that said let me be clear There’s a reason we choose wine not beer, Wine is healthy, helps the heart, Beer is fattening and so ****.

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